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Rio Sonora Outfitters is highly experienced in the field of Free Range/Fair Chase Trophy Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Mexico.  

Trophy Coues Deer Hunts offered by Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC.

Rio Sonora Outfitters has specialized in Trophy Quality Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Mexico since 1999. RSO is committed to providing you the best Trophy Quality hunt opportunity possible, it’s that simple! When it comes to Coues Whitetail Deer, our hunters are recognized season after season for exceptional bucks taken. We offer each hunter a “hands on” approach and employ ethical, hard working guides to assist in making the hunting experience safe, enjoyable and successful. Hunt availability may be limited, as it is not our intent too book high numbers annually, but focus on the quality of the hunts and the quality of bucks taken. This is evident in our Photo Gallery and Slide Show of 110” Plus Bucks our clients have taken year after year. If your priority is Trophy Quality, hunting for exceptional bucks is our goal and great teamwork is priority!

Rio Sonora Outfitters is a proven and recognized Outfitter in Mexico specializing in Trophy Coues Whitetail, producing bucks of exceptional trophy quality on a consistent basis.  We focus on the availability of trophy bucks on the ranches, effective teamwork and putting trophies in the books for our hunters! If you’re a trophy hunter looking for either a rifle or archery hunt, I invite you to compare RSO to other Outfitters in Mexico

Hunting Season:

The season begins in late November and extends into the first week of February annually. This liberal season offers hunters the opportunity to hunt either pre-rut in December or the “rut” in January. The rut typically increases deer activity in general, making deer more visible to our guides and hunters. RSO takes advantage of the rut, like many outfitters do, however we have been extremely successful taking a fair share of higher scoring deer in excess of 120” gross during “pre-rut” hunts. This is credited to the pre-season scouting efforts made annually resulting in great deer taken by clients including the large 151-4/8” non-typical below.

American or Mexican guides accompany hunters in the field where bucks are glassed and stalks are planned.  Hunts options begin as 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 and will increase, as hunters are successful. Ranch guides(s) are extremely valuable in locating trophy bucks (prior to and during hunts), and assisting with all aspects of the hunts.  While hunting several methods of transportation are used including; 4x4's, ATV's, and hiking.  All travel is based out of the Tucson International Airport where hunters electing to fly in will arrive, be picked up and returned after the hunt. Those driving will travel to Hereford, AZ and vehicles will be secured at the Outfitters residence. 

Archery Coues Hunts
In addition to Trophy Rifle Coues Whitetail Hunts, RSO offers archery hunting opportunity for the same trophy quality bucks we are known for.
RSO has collected several years of trail camera photographs representing an impressive number of trophy quality bucks on several ranches including bucks in excess of 130” gross. These world class, free ranging bucks are targets during both archery or rifle hunts! The archery hunts offer the same opportunities at high scoring bucks, nothing is different, only to the hunting methods and weapon type. Spot and stalk options, setting ground blinds or in ladder stands placed in strategic locations offers exciting hunting options.  
Below are several trail cam photos collected from the ranches. These photos showcase the quality genetics and represent the trophy bucks targeted on this hunt.Hunters are responsible for all meals and Hotel accommodations prior to entering Mexico, and trophy care arrangements in the US after the hunt (RSO can suggest a local Taxidermist in Tucson and will provide trophy drop off with them). A travel plan will be provided to each hunter along with Hotel discount information well in advance of the hunts.

Below are several trail cam photos collected from the ranches. These photos not only showcase the quality genetics but represent the trophy bucks targeted on this hunt.

Documents Provided/Required:
Rio Sonora Outfitters prepare all required paperwork necessary to legally hunt Mexico in addition to all personal assistance when purchasing Mexico travel Visa's, all Border crossings, and with all inspection checkpoints in Mexico. All paperwork will be completed by the Outfitter and provided to you prior to leaving from the hunt including; USFWS Declaration Form, USDA Notice of Arrival Form, Ranch Hunting Contract and Ranch Hunt Authorization Form. These legal documents will be provided to each hunter prior to hunting. Hunters are responsible for the cost of their Mexico Travel Visa (approx. $25.00) at the International Border. 

Rio Sonora Outfitters provides you a worry-free crossing on BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER! "Our personal touch takes the worry out of hunting Mexico".
Specific Coues Hunt Information:

  • Limits of 4 or 5 hunters per hunt depending on ranch
  • Two hunts annually per ranch (pre-rut or rut options)
  • Border crossing; Douglas, Arizona/Agua Prieta, Sonora 
  • Annual harvest will be limited on each ranch to maintain age class
  • American and Mexican guides will accompany/assist hunters on a 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 hunts
  • All transportation is provided to and from the ranch from Tucson International Airport (Hotel accommodations required on the day prior to and after the hunt)
  • All food, soft drinks/water are provided
  • Complete Mexican/American food menu for breakfast and dinner; lunch and snacks are taken in the field daily
  • All trophy care on the ranch and transport back to the US
  • All required documentation to hunt Mexico is provided including; Ranch Contract (license), tag and all completed forms to import and declare trophies at the US Border.
  • Complete assistance declaring trophies and all inspection requirements at the US Port of Entry.
  • Firearm Permit Application service include two firearms/permit)
  •  US Firearms Declaration Form
  • Additional American  or Ranch guides available upon request for an additional guide fees
  • Cost is $4250.00 for 5 - day hunt plus Trophy Fees (listed below)
  • Non-hunting guest $450.00 upon available transportation
  • Checking the firearm zero at 300 and 500 yards is required prior to hunting

Standard Trophy Fees for Rifle and Archery Coues Deer taken:

  • $$750.00 any deer
  • $1000.00 for a 100-109-7/8" buck
  • $1500.00 for a 110-119-7/8" buck
  • $2500.00 for a 120-129-7/8" buck
  • $3500.00 for a 130-139 7/8” buck
  • $5000.00 for a 140-149-7/8” buck
  • $7500.00 for a 150”+ buck
  • Second deer tag - $2250.00 if available plus TF’s listed above

**All scores are based on "total gross SCI score".
**Trophy Fees may vary from those listed above on select ranches
* Trophy Fees for Deer wounded and not recovered are based on the next lowest estimated gross score

Two great archery bucks

All hunts are conducted on private ranches, legally registered for hunting. Ranch locations vary, but typical travel-time is between 2 to 5.5 hours from the International Border. Lodging is in comfortable ranch houses with either solar or generator powered electricity, running water, hot showers, comfortable bedrooms equipped with beds and linens and local Mexican cooks prepares a variety of great foods and adds just the right amount of Mexican culture to the menu including; steak, pork loin, grilled chicken, chili colorado, tortilla soup, ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, eggs, and we can't forget the beans and tortillas daily! Dutch oven deserts or fruit pies will add a finishing touch to a great dinner; we may even show up with ice cream. All food and drinks (except alcohol) are provided. 

Brad's daughter Courtney with her first Coues buck

“The ending and beginning of each season bring bitter sweet moments for each person involved in Outfitter/Guiding trophy hunts at RSO. The lingering summer between seasons bring thoughts of great moments and experiences from the past, communication with friends that share the passion. This is a annual beginning as the “off-season” is really not the off-season at all, but a time for planning and visits with our ranching friends to the south, keeping updated on conditions and elements of the business that is critical in preparation for the fall.  Once the early fall scouting season arrives its back to the glassing points with high expectations and anticipation of the next exceptional trophy of the season! This is not just another year, trip, or trophy; it’s a tradition for us at RSO. We look forward to the next adventure and sharing that experience with you!”
Thank you for the interest in our hunts,
Brad Fulk – Rio Sonora Outfitters

















Brad Fulk
Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC
Hunting in Sonora, Chihuahua Mexico
Cell (520) 559-0642


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