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Gould's Turkeys occupy the diverse habitats of the arid southwest, specifically Mexico, with the highest densities in higher elevations of the State of Chihuahua, where the oak woodlands transition to mixed conifer forests. This is where Rio Sonora Outfitters conducts high success Gould’s Turkey hunts offering you a great adventure and an exciting hunting opportunity.  RSO is known as a respected Outfitter for Gould’s Turkey Hunts with over a decade of experience specializing in this sub species!  During this time, RSO has developed a highly recognized name offering Mexico Hunts only; a result of dedication, honest business practices, extensive field experience, professionalism and knowledge of the species.
RSO offers you a Gould’s Hunt with 100% success rates year after year!

If you’re a serious turkey hunter, RSO is the choice for a safe, enjoyable and successful turkey hunting adventure in Mexico! Please review the Gould’s Photo Gallery and Testimonials, you will agree.

Rio Sonora Outfitters has held exclusive hunting rights for over a decade on two ranches totaling over 60,000 acres of previously un-hunted private property in the heart of the “High Sierra’s”. These ranches offer diverse habitat types and varying topography ranging from large mesa tops, to long ridges dissecting by both steep and gentle canyons with permanent and man-made waters. Elevations range from 6000' in Oak Woodlands, to over 8000' in Conifer Forests. Both ranches are located adjacent to a paved highway within a 2 hour drive from the local city.  Both properties contain extensive road systems, with modern ranch houses making the hunting and camping accommodations very comfortable. RSO has focused on all aspects of the hunt including personal service during the travel time to and from the ranches, camp accommodations, equipment provided, meals, guides and great turkey populations! It is all taken into account!  RSO takes each hunt very serious, and offer an all inclusive trip with many hunting options available with no hidden costs. We plan our hunts for each client booked and our efforts have been rewarded with your success! This is not only a hunt, but a great adventure and experience you will not soon forget.


On average, hunts are completed in two days, so hunters have the option of going sight seeing, exploring Indian/cultural sites, video taping/photography or just setting back and telling stories and relaxing in the peaceful setting of camp. Our camps have a friendly environment where new friends and hunting memories are made. Many references are available; please review the Testimonial/Reference Page


Rio Sonora Outfitters is dedicated to manage the harvest to sustain high bird densities and hunt-able turkey populations to assure your hunt is a success. Experienced American guides will assist hunters in the field along with assistance of ranch guides, which complement the RSO team very well. Our guides will locate and take hunters into areas of known activity, and assists hunters with calling if needed. We have put significant efforts into pre-season scouting over the years to locate roosts, feeding sites and activity in addition to day to day planning during the course of the hunt to make sure the hunt fits your needs, is enjoyable and successful. Each group of hunters will hunt previously un-hunted areas on each ranch to assure a great hunting opportunity. Just let us know what your needs are and we will accommodate you.
This is where we begin on your hunt, planning is important and the results are "High Success", so get ready for an action packed turkey hunt!

Hunting Season:  Gould’s hunts typically starts when the birds are breaking out of their winter flocks, which has consistently been during the third week of April with the “heart of the season” running into mid May. RSO takes all elements of the hunt into account and focus on conducting hunts during this period, the results speak for themselves!  During this 3-4 week period, RSO conducts hunts on two large ranches with camps 45 minutes apart.

Experienced American and Mexican guides assist hunters in the field along with the assistance of ranch guides. Guides locate and take hunters into areas of known activity, and assists hunters with calling as needed. Each guide assist two hunters in the field (2 on 1), but it will quickly become a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 hunt as hunters fill out. Transportation during the hunts include; ATV's and 4x4 Vehicles.

All hunts are conducted on private ranches, legally registered for hunting. Ranch locations vary, but typical travel-time is between 4.5 to 5.5 hours from the International Border. Lodging is in comfortable ranch houses are either equipped with solar or generator powered electricity, running water, hot showers, comfortable bedrooms equipped with beds and linens, spacious dinning areas to relax  while tell hunting stories. We have great cooks that pay special attention to details while keeping you pleased and making sure the camp is clean.  

A line-up of great meals adds just the right amount of Mexican culture to the menu including; pork loin, chicken, chili colorado, tortilla soup, ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, eggs, and we can't forget the beans and tortillas. Oh, and we'll be frying the turkeys in camp!  Dutch oven deserts or fruit pies will add a finishing touch to a great dinner. All food and drinks are provided (except alcohol).
All hunts are based out of Hereford. AZ with transportation provided from the Tucson International Airport and back for hunters electing to fly in.  For those driving, vehicles will be secured at the outfitters residence in Hereford.  Hunters are responsible for all meals and lodging prior to entering Mexico or returning from a hunt. RSO will provide Hotel contact information and a travel schedule well in advance of the trip. Hunters are responsible for all transportation, shipping and trophy delivery arrangements to taxidermists once the hunt is complete.

Documents Provided/Required:
All required paperwork to legally hunt Mexico is provided in addition to assisting with attaining Mexico Visa's, the Border crossing, and with all inspection checkpoints in Mexico. All paperwork provided to you prior to leaving from the hunt including; USDA-APHIS Import Permit, USDA Notice of Arrival Form, Ranch Hunting Contract and Ranch Hunt Authorization Form. Hunters are responsible for the cost of their Mexico Visa (approx. $25.00) at the International Border.

Trophy Care:
All turkey capes/parts are prepared for transport back into the US. In 2013, a new USDA-APHIS Import Permit became mandatory for all bird species originating in Mexico due to outbreaks in Avian Influenza (AI). Annually, USDA-APHIS issues this Import Permit to Rio Sonora Outfitters on behalf of all our hunters and approves the outfitter to complete a disinfection process to treat the bird capes for (AI) prior to entering the US. This process is completed for each bird cape on the ranch and allows RSO to identify each hunters name on the (AI) Import Permit. This service allows hunters avoid the permitting process and incurring the cost of $150.00 for the (AI) Permit, in addition to associated costs involving shipping and cape treatment by a USDA Approved taxidermist. This significantly reduces overall cape processing and associated trophy care cost by approximately $500.00 per hunter.  All trophies/wildlife parts are inspection by the USDA and USFWS Inspectors at the International Border. Once the bird capes have cleared the required inspections at the US Port of Entry, all governmental procedures have been completed; you can personally deliver the trophies to a preferred taxidermist of your choice. Click on link; Process for crossing bird parts document.

This is a distant look at the scenic terrain on one of the ranches in the Sierra Madres of Chihuahua, Mexico.
Specific Gould’s Turkey Hunt Information:

  • Limits of 5 to 8 hunters per hunt depending on ranch
  • Two hunts are conducted annually on each ranch
  • Border crossing; Douglas with a 4.5 or 5.5 hour of travel time
  • Annual harvest is limited to 15-20 birds based on the ranch
  • American and Mexican guides will accompany/assist hunters on all aspects of the hunt for a 2 on 1 hunt (quickly becomes    1 on 1 or 1 on 2 as birds are taken)
  • All transportation is provided to and from the ranch from Tucson, AZ and in the field during the hunt
  • All food, soft drinks/water and camp cooks are provided
  • Complete Mexican/American food menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All shotguns and ammunition are provided.
  • Optional personal Firearm Permit application service is provided if requested for Shotgun/Muzzle-loader permits for an additional $150.00 (allows for two firearms/permit) Personal firearm permit fee’s can be split between hunting partners US Firearms Declaration Form 
  • Turkey decoys and blinds available as requested
  • All trophy care and transport back to the US including Avian Influenza (AI) disinfection treatment and (AI) Import Permit for $40.00 per hunter.
  • All required documentation to hunt Mexico including a Ranch Contract (license), tag and all completed forms to import and declare trophies at the US Border.
  • Hunt Cost is $2100.00 for 3.5 day hunts for each hunter
  • $1000.00 required to book a hunt and date preferences given based on first come first serve. Balance due 1 month prior to hunt
  • Second bird available upon request ($800.00) $400.00 deposit and $400.00 upon kill/wound
  • Non-hunting guest $450.00 pending available transportation

Effective scouting has always played a major roll in our hunt success. The country is vast and offers opportunity to expand our operation into new parts of the ranches each season. By taking advantage of these opportunities, RSO has  lead many past hunters to record class birds and two birds remain at the top of their class as World Records with many others placing in the top 10. Two of the birds are featured below and one was captured on video. 
"Each new season begins another great year, providing us the opportunity to meet many new friends which is something we all look forward to. We’ve had some great times in the field, learning new methods from each other and adding a few more tricks to use in the future. During the hunts it's common to hear the Gould's are the most impressive looking and magnificent turkey of all the sub-species and occupy some of the most spectacular terrain imaginable. I too feel the same and feel fortunate to return to the rugged and remote terrain of the High Sierras chasing gobbles each spring.”

Thank you for your interest in our hunts,
Brad Fulk - Rio Sonora Outfitters

(Above right) Richard Tharp of "Stepping Outdoors". Bird of the Year, and RSO’s first bird to make World Record status. Richard took this bird with a Knight muzzle-loader on our La Mesa Ranch.   Thanks Richard and congratulations!

(Above left) The 2008 RSO "Bird of the Year" was taken by Doug Spencer, a dedicated archery hunter from Loveland, Colorado. Doug’s bird is the World Record, Non-Typical Archery Gould’s overall NWTF score. Doug and his hunting partner, Dan Lee, from Haugton, LA was in the Double Bull blind for only a few minutes on the first evening when Doug planted this bird, and 30 minutes later Dan connected on his bird out of the same blind!  What a hunt guys, and congratulations on your accomplishments!



















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