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About Rio Sonora Outfitters, LLC

Brad Fulk – Owner/Outfitter, Rio Sonora Outfitters

Established in 1999, RSO quickly became a recognized name in the field of Trophy Coues deer and Gould’s turkey hunting in Mexico and a quarter century later, the legacy continues stronger than ever.

I was fortunate to be raised in a hunting/fishing family in the central midwest. At an early age, I was no stranger to the outdoors as I followed in the footsteps of my Dad, an avid hunter and outdoorsman. This love for the outdoors would eventually lead to a professional career in wildlife biology and lead me to the high deserts of Arizona. In the early 90’s after college, I accepted a dream job and relocated to Southern Arizona. This in turn was a match made in heaven as I soon discovered a passion for hunting Coues Whitetail. This deep interest in the species grew as hunting interests spread from Arizona into Mexico and eventually led to over 20-years’ experience and countless memories made while outfitting and guiding deer and turkey hunts in Mexico.

My professional background as a Wildlife Biologist began in the midwest in 1989. After completing a Master Degree in Wildlife Management, the move to Arizona in 1992 is where my life and career has been for the past 30 years, raising a family, hunting, enforcing wildlife laws, managing both game and nongame species and working with landowners in southeastern Arizona.

My wife Mary and I raised two wonderful daughters and introduced them to the outdoors early in life as well. When the girls became old enough to hunt, my motivation reached new levels with complete commitment to finding the best bucks possible for them. During this period, hard work, persistence and patients certainly rewarded us! Over the years we have been blessed with several exceptional Coues bucks in Arizona.

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RSO Guides are the core of the hunting business and are given full credit for our successes in Mexico. Each one is like family! Long-term retention of guides is priority and critical to our continued existence! The guide staff are personal friends that share the same passion for the outdoors. They are professionals with the same goals and dedication in the field for your advantage. Many outfitters rotate guides in and out of the business indicating something is very wrong! That’s not the case here, as a matter of fact, we have a father and son team, the son is now a second generation guide. One of the most rewarding experiences over time is watching the families of friends grow, their children becoming hunters then adults, it is hard to describe the rewards!

We certainly hope to get meet and hunt with you. I know you will enjoy the experiences we have to offer and will agree, our passion to provide you the best hunting opportunity is our focus, it’s a tradition. Your hunt is our priority!
Brad Fulk – Rio Sonora Outfitters

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