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Trophy Coues Deer Hunts:
Rio Sonora Outfitters has a long history as a proven, trusted Outfitter in Mexico and a recognized name in the business for the exceptional trophy quality deer taken on a consistent basis. Our commitment to providing the best trophy hunting opportunity has resulted in an impressive number high scoring, trophy class bucks with all methods of take; rifle, muzzleloader or archery. In addition, we offer a unique hunt opportunity that you will not find offered by other Outfitters. We also offer a hunt during the Early Season for velvet antlered bucks on a limited basis.
RSO maintains close focus and manages hunts based on the availability of quality bucks on ranches, restricts harvest to the older age class animals, limits harvest annually and works diligently surveying deer during the season and pre-season. Each hunt is planned for well in advance as next year’s hunts booked. Occasionally hunt availability may be limited, it is not our intention to book high hunter or tag numbers, but focus on the quality of the hunt, personal service and the quality of buck’s taken each season. Many of the ranches RSO conducts hunts on have proven 130” genetics. Each year hunters take several bucks in excess of 120” and on occasion, bucks in excess of 130”.

Our clients best two Rifle Coues bucks to date are a 151” plus Non-Typical and 152” plus Typical. A client also holds the current #1 SCI Muzzleloader Coues Typical scoring 134 5/8” and the #2 Non-Typical scoring 125 2/8” taken on the same hunt.
Our priority is managing quality ranches with genetics of this quality. It certainly brings a level of excitement each day in the field and becomes a goal to achieve for you. RSO will not boast about the number of ranches hunted or how many acres we hunt as we are not competing to be that Outfitter. We are however, committed to providing a great hunt and being the best Outfitter for you!
For additional details, request Coues Hunt information.


Coues Deer Gallery

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